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**Note: All prices are estimates, and are not final. The final quote will be given upon photo inspection.

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Basic Restoration..........$20-35                                                                  

  • Faded
  • Yellowed
  • Light mold Damage
  • Minor Color Correction
  • Small areas of damage / color shifting


Medium Restoration .......$40-60                                                                

  • Minor facial characteristics missing
  • Heavy Scratching
  • Small areas of photo significantly damaged or missing
  • Paper wrinkling over detailed or facial areas
  • Moderate Mold Damage


Major Restoration.....$70+*                                                                       

  • Large areas of photo missing or significantly damaged
  • Missing faces; body parts
  • Non-Inclusive tears
  • Severe mold Damage
  • Severe scratching
  • Large restoration

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