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Scanning your photo :
If you have a flatbed scanner you can scan your photo, and send the photo file to us by email for Super Fast Service. This is absolutely the fastest, safest and cheapest  way to send  your old or damaged photo to us.

Scan your photo at:
2x3 or smaller photos @---------------  400 dpi
larger photos to 5x7 @-----------------300 dpi
larger than 5x7 photos @ -------------200 dpi

Scan your photo at the dpi. shown above.

       Scan photo in Color mode ( even if it's a B/W photo )
Scan the photo only, and not the surrounding white areas.
    Save your new scanned image as a high quality .jpeg file.
Save this photo scan file as:
                                    File type:  "  .jpg  or  .jpeg  "

Note: With a 56k modem expect your email to take 10 minutes or longer to send.
        e-mail your jpeg now :

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